Saturday, September 04, 2010

808 Check: Jamie Foxx feat T.I. - Yep That's Me

Ain't nothin' better than a southern swap dripped banger chalked full of that 808 club bass. This time coming from jack of all trades, Jamie Foxx off his upcoming album Body. I'm guessing this track will be the second single off the album, following up his omnipotent first single Winner, which was played on any and every NBA playoffs telecast, giving it an unstoppable buzz.

Between the bouncy and boulder heavy bass, it's damn near impossible not to shrug your shoulders to the beat. Serious credit should go to Eric Hudson for the creation of this booty shakin' joint that will probably put on repeat in clubs like Magic City, The Cheetah Lounge and Claremont Lounge. Shoot I'd even go as far as to say it'll get more than a few spins at the increasingly popular Miami T&A hot spot The King of Diamonds. Sidebar: Since when do strip clubs have a fashion boutique, beauty salon, tanning salon, full body massages, fine dining menu, a barber shop and even a basketball court?? #NoWonderItsHot

For all you @TIP fans, you'll appreciate the the measured, mean-mugged-out vibe he gives on his verse. The nonchalance he exudes on his verse fits the slow, loud and bangin' beat to T, giving it a PB&J sorta fit on the track. I'm not tryin' to discount the R&B flavor Jamie brings to the track either, he's got that same ATL swag that gives a vocal boost to the awe inspiring beat.

Not much more to say, better do some neck rolls before this track comes on and you have no choice but to nod your head...

Jamie Foxx feat T.I. - Yep That's Me (prod by E. Hudson)
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