Wednesday, September 29, 2010

When Love is a One Way Street..."I'll Catch a Grenade For Ya..."

As mentioned in Monday's post, the track below is growing on me quickly as Bruno's debut studio effort is really starting to invade my iPod and all that I listen to this week. After listening to it, you get this deep feeling of being used by someone who you'd do anything and everything for. And truthfully there are those in our lives who deserve to be valued so much you'd catch a grenade for them or throw your hand on a blade for them, but oftentimes the sentiment is not mutual. I would say we've all been there before, but it takes a real selfless person to put themselves in the aforementioned situation, so it doesn't pertain to everyone. Regardless, nothin' worse than over-extending yourself in vain to feel foolish at the end when you realize they wouldn't do the same...#CaseOfTheEx

It takes a verse for this track to hit its stride, but when the hook takes flight with the rumbling of the beat picking up with the choral hymm aided background vocals, it's hard not to like. The energy @brunomars brings throughout the track is palpable through his powerful vocals and it makes for a emotion dripped anthem that will serve as an emotional release for all those out there who always end up being too giving and too kind to those who don't deserve it.

Daps & lbs goes out to those who have had enough grenades blow up in their faces to know when it's falling on...enjoy the track and do yourself a favor and support the man Bruno Mars, there is very little in the way of him and stardom...

Bruno Mars - Grenade
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