Friday, September 17, 2010

"She Was 17 We Took a Rocket Machine To Mars..."

The way I see it, this was the best R&B ballad last month, but there was steep competition from Bruno's demo of Brandy's song. To be honest I though this was a Travis Garland track before I saw who behind it, but that doesn't take away from it one bit. If anything I gained some respect for Kevin's versatility because we're more accustomed to hearing him on more of a Rock tip. With his last album, To The Sky, or at least his single I Made It making a splash, he's turning out to be a good find for @liltunechi on Cash Money Records.

So what if I told you this was a demo for Justin Bieber? Interested now? Yea, I'd give it less than a week for this single to go platinum with @justinbieber's vocals. It's a real simple b-boy beat that mixes well the vocals and general feel of the track. When I say feel of the track, I mean the vibe is upbeat, which matches the ambitious "I would do anything to get her" direction the the lyrics take you. Put it this way a whole lotta tweens would be able to relate with the lyrics below:
"She was seventeen we took a rocket machine to mars
Was something out of this world she had me seeing stars
Then just like magic I blinked to think and she was gone
But i know she's out there yeah shes out there somewhere"
Ah to be 17 again, young and in love...those were the days man, y'all remember that high school sweetheart from way back when? No matter how much time goes by those memories will always be associated with growing up and in hindsight, good or bad, those times were invaluable because at that age it's all about being able to remember what the road signs looked like before you made those wrong turns. Nam sayin? #Nostalgic + #MetaphorProper

Tip of the cap to you @kevinthecity, I didn't know you had this sorta sound in ya. It's a good look, give it a listen...

Kevin Rudolf - All Mine
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