Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Buzz Track: Pill feat I.Y.A.Z. - Blow Up (prod by JR Rotem)

Ah yea, a well put together radio friendly single for Pill to hang his hat on, which will only serve to increase his notoriety and get his name out in the public. In case you weren't privy to his latest mixtape hosted by @djdrama titled 1140:The Overdose, you should probably catch up because everyone else is still noddin' their heads to tracks like I'ma Ride and Westsiders.

No better or shorter way to a #1 single than working with the esteemed JR Rotem, who wakes up and urinates #1 singles. It helps too that he has I.Y.A.Z. under his Beluga Heights wing and has helped develop him into more than just a mini-Sean Kingston. Sure @iyazlive is a couple albums behind, but I'd argue his vocals are just as enticing as Sean's when on a hook.

Collabs aside @pill4180 is now showing me a little somethin' as far as turning potential into legit success with this single. He proved himself in my eyes with a solid mixtape and now it's looking like Warner Bros may be pushing for his album later this year titled The Medicine. Hopefully his record label doesn't stunt his growth and individuality by making too many of these "radio hits" because the whole JR Rotem cookie cutter single works, but everyone has went to that well.

How about letting the artists be themselves and take some chances big record labels?? #ThatShitDoesntSell...

I digress...give it a listen, it's catchier than anything you would expect to come from gangstapill...

Pill feat IYAZ - Blow Up (prod by JR Rotem)
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