Friday, September 03, 2010

"Get the Rattle in the Trunk Knockin' Like Your Neighbor When Your Dog Keep Comin' in His Yard"

About what you'd expect from Sir Michael and Chuck Inglish, a fresh new jam with a whole lotta bass and some high octane rhymes. There's something undeniably unique about any and every song they create, they truly do have their own style and are living up to their reputation of being the last two people on earth to be accused of being followers. They could give a damn about what you're doin', they're over in their own corner creating their own niche and original flavor of Hip Hop that always has some brand new ingredient in it that tastes so pure you'd swear it was in the original recipe of Hip Hop music.

Some artists/groups need the limelight to survive, but others just make great music and mind their own business because they know the music they create is hot and unlike anything you'd hear from everyone else. So much respect for the way they go about making music, you'd think other artists would break out the pen and the pad to take some notes on the style of Hip Hop that @sirmichaelrocks and @chuckisdope create.

As a bonus check out Sir Michael's new homemade video he released this week titled Foreign Features...

Sir Michael Rocks - Foreign Features

Oh and add this to their rolodex of unheard of hits that will never be released to the populace, but will continue to garner them mad respect from fans who appreciate the element of Hip Hop they bring to the table...

The Cool Kids - Clicking (Gymkhana Three)
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