Friday, September 24, 2010

Buzz Track: Travis Barker feat The Cool Kids - Down

I think the only complaint you could possibly make about a collaboration this awesome is that the reins were pulled back a little bit on Chuck Inglish's signature thump in the trunk. I'd argue it wouldn't sound like a Travis Barker track if it had that though, so complaining about that is nitpicking, especially because this is supposed to be on @TRAVISBARKER's upcoming album Give the Drummer Some due out in Oct.

If you feel inclined to slap a label on this, throw it in the category of Alternative Hip Hop, or what I've come to endear as cutting edge music that make a whole lot of people uncomfortable because it's innovative and fresh. In the words of the legendary Hip Hop blog The Smoking Section, "Respect the Fresh". Music shouldn't be keyholed, categorized or have limits and if you're looking for some evidence why, press play below...

Travis Barker feat The Cool Kids - Down
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