Friday, September 10, 2010

"We Gon Shut the City Down, Shut the Shut the City Down!"

With the way Hip Hop music works these days and music frequently leaking, it's hard to find a track whose radio rip leaks then doesn't surface for 6 months. This here is the exception to the rule as I was head over heels for the radio version of this track in March and I alluded to it in a mid-May New Artist Spotlight I did on Donnis. Yea that's right I did wait intently for the no tagged version for 6 months, it's a really good track, I'm not playin'.

Truthfully I'm kinda mad at myself for missing Donnis opening for Chiddy Bang and 2 AM Club in Philly last week at TLA. Assist goes to B, my eyes and ears on the ground in the Illedelph who is quite the fan of that group who did a track with MGMT. I'm diggin' that big head video by the way, between that and Cudi's All Summer Long video, that fad must be in.

As far as the track is concerned, the proofs in the pudding and there's plenty of evidence why I was so high on @donnisxdonnis's placementin this year's freshman class. I did have the audacity to rank him above @REALWIZKHALIFA at the time, but now I see them neck and neck for the 2nd spot behind the beast known as @jcolenc. But this track has a real hype vibe to it on the hook with the whole "Shut the city down, shut the shut the city down" lyrics that almost force you to rock back and forth with a drink in the air. #YallKnowWassup

I know y'all probably caught the tagged version on @DEEJAYILLWILL and @CLINTONSPARKS hosted mixed Fashionably Late, but to me it makes all the difference to have the tags taken off. This has the feeling of a lead single and to be honest it would be smart because it has some radio appeal, it's repeatable and catchy, all solid elements of a track that could start to get him some legit buzz. Truth be told I hope more buzz is created because Donnis is still flying under the radar a bit and shame on you if you haven't heard his single from 2009 titled Gone.

We've only begun to see the ceiling for Ladonnis Crump and this may be one of the final warnings before he becomes a household name...#BetterBuyStock....check it...

Donnis - Tonight (CDQ)


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