Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lil Wayne Monologue on Shades..."Put Yo Panties in Yo Pocketbook..."

As soon as you see a track with Weezy F, Timberlake and Diddy, you already know you're gonna get a quality track. What type of track is always a surprise, but this little gift they threw our way is more of a sexy, seductive, mid-tempo ballad. The part I found most interesting was the monologue delivery open-mic style by @liltunechi...parsing his words delicately in an attempt to pay homage to the apple of his eye...
"Uh, before you get here,
Put yo panties in yo pocketbook
That’s what I told her, over the Motorola
Hennessy and Cola
I hold her, at attention with my manners
And even though I don’t roll a camera
She still performs
Like the superstar, she truly are
So, also I think I love her already
Damn, I think I…already
She must be the one
I look in her eyes and see the sun
Even on rainy days, aint it
Crazy mayne, yeah, that’s what I said
She do doughnuts in my head
Over and over, and over
Til the cops pull her over
And then she say some real slick sh** like
“I’m on my way to Weezy Baby”
And of course they let her go"
As it fades into the beat, the gains a heartbeat literally as @IAMDIDDY and @jtimberlake croon for over three minutes, going as far as to mention making love on marmalade? Interesting proposition, but it went with the rhyme scheme so it works right?
Interesting too how at the end of Justin's borderline corny, but creative verse that he ends with:
"You aint never heard you talk like this
It’s got my Drizzy on for you"
Sounds like ya boy Drizzy Drake has coined a style eh? They've never done a song together, but it's one of those game respect game instances, sort of paying homage to one of the best new acts by JT.

This will be out in December with Diddy's 5th studio album, Last Train to Paris. Give it a listen, it's dripped in sexy and you won't see many bigger trios than this...

Diddy feat Justin Timberlake & Lil Wayne - Shades


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