Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Stromae feat Kanye West & Gilbere Forte - Alors on Dance (remix)

This track was originally more of a global hit than a US hit, with Rowandan/Belgian Hip Hop/Electro rising star Stromae leading the way. In May, this track had become a number one single in France, the Netherlands, Greece, Germany, Austria, Turkey, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark, Belgium, Romania and the Czech Republic. Yet you had never heard of it until @KanyeWest dropped a cameo verse on it...isn't that some shit?? Weird how musical tastes differ so greatly in different countries/regions.

For all of you paying attention closely, I posted a version of this track that Lumidee covered back in May, around when the original was making waves in Europe. At the time, I didn't realize Lumidee was covering the track, but it's a little ridiculous how insanely popular this track is. Check it out, YouTube video has almost 13.5 million views?? Seriously??

It's catchy, danceworthy and club-friendly...I'm left wondering why this wasn't released in the US earlier? I'm betting in my naivety, there's a lot of music out there like that and maybe being a #1 single in 20 countries was enough? What I want to know is how @STROMAE went #1 in that many countries and still only has #4,381 twitter followers? #MaybeImAHater
Yea what he said, (anyone know French?)...give it a listen...

Stromae feat Kanye West & Gilbere Forte - Alors on Dance (remix)
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