Monday, September 20, 2010

"I'm Lookin' At An Angel, And Believe Me When I Say, She Got That Whole Thang Glowin''"

Lead single from the often delayed release of Akon's anticipated upcoming album Stadium Music. This is the third rumored track produced by D Guetta that is supposed to make album cut, following Nosy Neighbor and Party Animal. Seems as if the duo is still feeding off the chemistry and success of their golden child Sexy Bitch.

It's very Europop and danceable, like everything else you'd expect from @davidguetta's unending pop/club hits. Not lacking one bit in catchiness, it's got a mid-tempo dance feel to it, as if to invite others to flip it into a club remix. This version will suffice for radio though and probably make it to platinum single status before it's all over. Not gonna hate one bit, this is a great pick for a first single and like anything else @AKON has created, it will eventually sell really well (ask Lady GaGa who he said made him rich).

What do you guys think of it? Good enough first single to support and album we've been waiting to finally drop?

Akon - Angel (prod by David Guetta)
| Download


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