Monday, September 27, 2010

Buzz Track: Bruno Mars - Talking to the Moon

In case you missed it, Bruno Mars is releasing his first full length album next Tuesday, Oct 5th called Doo Wops & Hooligans. Now that you're starting to get an increased dosage of his first single Just the Way You Are, as well as the remix with Lupe, which is currently sitting at the NUMBA ONE SPOT on Billboard, it's easy to see that just about anything @brunomars touches. I've already given proper credit for his growing production credits with his production team The Smeezingtons and luckily for us, it's translating to his album.

I say that because after one full lap around the album I'm thoroughly impressed. I was already a fan of the song below Talking to the Moon, prior to it being on his studio album since it was also on his latest EP, It's Better if you Don't Understand, but now this is a full fledged competitor of Just the Way You Are with best song on the album. The original version of Talking to the Moon was more of a candlelight ballad over piano, which was a more than adequate display of Bruno's vocals. It's hard to believe the album version ended up being even better with the addition of a kick to the drums and an orchestral aid during the hook. Pretty cool too at the end when he transitions flawlessly from the bridge to the hook while hitting the crescendo of the track with the final rendition of the hook. When I heard that transition into the harmony I couldn't help but rewind a few times in awe at the vocal energy in his delivery...great great moment.

Check it out for yourself, right now it's a hidden gem, but he'd be sniffing sideline chalk if he didn't consider this as single...was that too close to home? Nope Bruno is DRUG FREE! Oh man....

Bruno Mars - Talking to the Moon
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