Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Who Rocked it Better? Nelly or Rich Boy?

Tough call on this one as super-producer Jim Jonsin finds himself pictured above between Nelly and Rich Boy for good reason. Seems he is the mastermind between the beats below with very little difference between the two instrumentals, leaving both with high probabilities for commercial success. Let's be honest, between the depth of the bass, the subtle guitar riffs and the harmonic chorus, both tracks could easily be hits.

Unfortunately, Rich Boy doesn't have album plans til 2011 (Resurrected in Diamonds) and Nelly has the commercial appeal of Britney Spears. As such, Nelly took what is going to turn out to be Rich Boy's original  track and has turned it into a lead single off his upcoming album 5.0 due out Nov 5th. His version has softer vibe to it both lyrically and beat wise with the addition of some soft-rock guitar. Should sell some records and find it's way onto a top 100 singles chart even

But just because Nelly is destined to sell more records off his version does that make it better? In the words of my man @therealcrookedi, "Oh hell to the naw!". @CARTIERBENJAMIN's version is a much better use of the beat as Rich Boy manages to match @nelly_mo on the harmonic hook, but brings a whole lot more Hip Hop and less bubble gum on So Look Good. His southern drawl fits like track like Usain Bolt, sounding a lot more at home over the heavy bassline than Nelly did on his version. Between this track, She Luvs Me (She Luvs Me Knot) with PolowGo Crazy with Yelawolf and an upcoming Dr. Dre collaboration there's some serious $$$ to be made out there Maurice! The south is buzzin' of late with the emergence of @yelawolf and @bigkrit, I can't think of a better time to get some of these singles out, especially when you've got @iamjimjonsin and @Polow_Da_Don behind the boards.

Take it for what it's worth, the common denominator is great production from Jim Jonsin, but when the verses are taken into account it's a TKO.

Rich Boi - So Look Good (prod by Jim Jonsin)
| Download

Nelly - Just a Dream (prod by Jim Jonsin)
| Download


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