Sunday, May 02, 2010

"I Feel Like the DJ is My Bodygaurd...the Way He Keeps Me Safe With the Treble and the Bass..."

In a week where we saw B.O.B.'s album drop, N.E.R.D's new single with Nelly Furtado, Eminem's first single drop and a collabo with Drake and Kanye, I'd say it's been a pretty active/fruitful week. Hard to think of what could possibly top all that and fit into such a crowded and star studded lineup.

Enter Kelly Rowland's new absolutelyflippincrazy club track captained by David Guetta, who still has American pop music stored safely in his back pocket. You may remember Kelly and David collaborated on Guetta's latest album One Love on the track When Love Takes Over, so this R&B/dance sound isn't completely unfounded between the two artists.

This though, takes the potential between the two up a whole nother level. I'd liken this Guetta's Sexy Bitch with Akon as far as potential radio or club appeal. As classic as Sexy Bitch turned out being, I strongly believe this will move the club similarly with the dominatrix style, lyrically sassy European techno flavor. From the start the synthesizers pull you in, followed by that all too familiar Guetta club bass. Kelly hits her stride with a great line "I Feel Like the DJ is My Bodygaurd...the Way He Keeps Me Safe With the Treble and the Bass...", but make no mistake it all leads up to the hook that goes full out dance/techno with Kelly exclaiming:
"From here on out
I'll be your commander
No fear no doubt
I'll provide the answer
Right now I command you to dance..."
Big fan of the way Guetta tailors the beat to the lyrics and mood of the track, masterfully building up energy and releasing it all at once during the chorus. It's a potent formula that has been killing dancefloors ever since he started his full out assault on American music about a year ago. Make no mistake, this track is destined for mainstream consumption, but this is a rare case where I welcome that because selfishly I want badly to go sHAM wow in the club to this one.

Don't just give it a listen, do it some justice and find that elusive repeat button...

Kelly Rowland - Commander (prod by David Guetta) Hot Club Track!!!!


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