Monday, May 31, 2010

The Cool Kids - Freak City/Fishing Lessons/Flying Kites From New Mixtape Tacklebox

Anybody else feel really fortunate given all the high caliber music that has dropped this week? I swear I've got like 20 posts to catch up on with stuff that needs to be heard, but has taken a back seat to some of my favorite artists all leaking stuff this week. Between T.I. and Kanye's new singles, to all the Drake music that has surfaced this's to a point of being overwhelming when you factor in a Cool Kids mixtape on top of all that.

The new singles came out of the blue, but luckily Chuck Inglish gave everyone at least a couple days heads up on their mixtape dropping on Memorial Day when he said...
That tweet was three days after their first announcement of the Tacklebox Mixtape on the 24th, so I've had about a week to anticipate.

Fast forward to yesterday, when it was announced the other half of TCK Mikey Rocks, that one track was going to be leaked before the whole mixtape dropped at 8 pm tonight on
Shortly after I watched the video below of them raving about the new track Freak City, I went ahead and gave it a listen.

The Cool Kids Talk 'Tacklebox' from

Like most of their stuff it sounds so completely simple and different, but fresh. Long story short, I turned the bass up a bit on the computer sub, which temporarily annoyed my roomate (my bad Mike! I had to, the bass compelled me) and was an immediate fan of the classic 808 bass that bled from the speakers. If you want a comparison (to be fair there really are none that do justice), I've point to Outkast who are the only group I could ever imagine creating something this deeply moving (no pun intended). Add in the CB radio mics (think Firm's Phone Tap) and you've got something creative sounding that shits all over the Indie Hip Hop label they've been given. If they are Indie, then to me Indie now means Awesome to me and I'll now substitute the word Indie for any and all that could be described as badass.

Like anything else Hip Hop, as the night went on two more leaks sprung on illroots from the Mixtape. I didn't immediately like Flying Kites or Fishing Lessons, but they're just as heavy as promised and will probably grow on me in the next week. Love the line by Sir Michael of the Rocks on Flying Kites with..
"Kitchen time for you Chef-Boy-R-Dipshits, we cookin' up a whoopin', better mind your biscuits, business, man I handle mine in an instant"
To me their style is second to none and throwback as hell, which for this basshead is the bee's knees. Do yourself a favor and don't even play these on your iPod, lord knows the Hip Hop EQ setting and those lil' earbuds you're rockin' will do OJ Simpson justice to the cavacade of bass splattered all over these subterranean 808 symphonies of bass. Treat it like a multiple choice test, you who is reading this is assumed to be somewhat educated or else you wouldn't be able to understand most of the shit I say, or care. Here are your choices:
A) Choice 1
B) Choice 2
C) Choice 3
D) Choice 2 then 3 then 1 (which is what I'm doing)
E) #dontevenbothertrebleismyfriendturnthebassdownithurtsmyears

You've been warned...tune into some of the highest quality Hip Hop I post on this blog below...

The Cool Kids - Freak City | download

The Cool Kids - Fishing Lessons |Download

The Cool Kids - Flying Kites | Download


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