Thursday, May 27, 2010

Throwback Thurs: B.O.B. - Don't Break My Heart

Yet another Bobby Ray sample of a timeless track, this time going back a little over a year to February 2009 where he sampled the The Foundations - Build Me Up Buttercup song from 1968. Again, waaaay before anyone knew his name a year ago, this made it onto February 2009 Song List as the 8th best song of the month. For all of you too lazy to click through, this was my rationale about a year ago for liking the song:
b.o.b-dont_break_my_heart…absolutely can’t help liking this track…and tempting it is to look down on him for approaching such an old classic song, no old song is untouchable anymore   ….does a very good job of capturing the energy of the old song and translating it to modern hip hop culture…really like the ebb and flow of the verses to the in your face chorus that will have everyone singing…gives instant credibility when people are singing your songs without knowing who you are….can’t hate on B.O.B….he, Asher, Cudi, james Fauntleroy and Charles Hamilton are the starting 5 on my All-Rookie team…better snatch up their rookie cards before your friends start telling you how cool this new guy named (fill in all rookie player) is
Didn't quite miss on that prediction of Asher, Cudi and B.O.B. making it to the mainstream, but the extremely talented producer/writer/demo singer James Fauntleroy still has yet to make it big and it remains to be seen if Sonic will finally reach the masses with his debut effort. Sidebar: Wasn't a huge fan initially of his new single Gauchos featuring the production of can't miss producer Jim Jonsin. I will concede the beat goes hard and is slightly catchy, but it has yet to grow on me so far. Apprehensive because I wanted a little more out of his collabo with Jim behind the boards, but I'm still in awe of his Choices (A Song for Alex) track that he deserves the benefit of the doubt.

Anyways, back to the throwback Thurs track where B.O.B. damn near bites off more than he can chew, but managed to successfully sample the original without completely bastardizing it. He's got the sing-songy tone and casual/fun vibe to pull off a sample like this, which is why I'm semi-endorsing it as a successful. You be the judge though, did he do The Foundation's original sample justice?

B.O.B. - Don't Break My Heart


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