Thursday, May 20, 2010

Throwback Thurs: B.O.B. - Use Your Love (prod by Jim Jonsin)

This track surfaced in 2007 and was slept on like a coma. Back in '07 nobody had even heard the names Jim Jonsin or B.O.B., but looking back now...they've turned into a pretty solid duo.

This is more of a rough sample of The Outfield's original track Your Love than a re-make, so don't get too excited. Sort of a different side of Bobby Ray on this track, fully playing the player card all over this one, going against all that falling in love talk he did on The Adventures of Bobby Ray. He doesn't stray much from his style of sing-songy hooks and quick, jumpy storytelling verses like the start of the first verse below...
"My girl was on vacation,
so I been microwavin',
so I went out late chasin',
I met a girl mixed with Asian,
I ain't wanna sound impatient,
so I told her it's late,
forget a date,
and B.O.B. wanna lay it,
and that's the truth just face it"
Truth be told this could have become a solid single and been released had they ever put time in to finish this rough draft and clear the sample. But we all know how tough it is to clear samples these days and I think between JR Rotem and Jim Jonsin we may run out of oldies to sample by 2012.

B.O.B. is becoming widely recognized but folks in demographics these days, which is why he's still sitting got the #1 Rap album out and #12 on the top 200. The contemporaries love him on the radio with Nothin' on You and Airplanes, while the real fans are still loving tracks like Satellite and Don't Let Me Fall. My guess is he had a lot to do with what made the final cut, but serious serious credit needs to be given to whomever made the final decisions on what tracks to out on the final release. Now that I think about it, I can count about 3 or 4 tracks that were awesome that didn't make the album, so they did a good job.

Take it back to '07 on this one...back when B.O.B. was just another aspiring young rapper making mixtapes...

B.O.B. - Use Your Love (prod by Jim Jonsin)


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