Friday, May 14, 2010

"They Say God is a DJ"

Y'all remember Lumidee Cedeno? You know the one who had everyone dancin' with that reggaeton infused clap beat on Never Leave Me?

I'll be the first to admit it had me sayin UH OH!! more than a couple Fab's verse on the remix hit the spot. You may also remember last year her upbeat track with Tony Sunshine, She's Like the Wind.

Regardless if you remember her or not, she's bounced back from the drug trafficking rumors she was hit with in '05 when she tried to smuggle a milly of frozen blow unsuccessfully. Now she's trying to carve a brand new niche for herself on more of a dance/techno R&B style with a couple new tracks that have surfaced. Considering how much David Guetta and Crookers I post on this site, this should come as no surprise that I would enjoy that combo. I've alluded to how strongly I favor techno/trance/dance being mixed into Hip Hip and R&B and this should serve as another reason why that's the case.

When I first heard her new single Insomnia, my first thought was I have definitely heard that techno sample before, but what is that song called? At first I thought it was very Brooklyn Bounce - Get Ready to Bounce sounding, but then I scoured my collection of Techno and found another song called Insomnia by Faithless. Yep, that was it and Lumidee's version is more or less a cover of that track with a little R&B sprinkled in. Listen to the original below:

I was tempted to flip this one into a Sample Justice piece, but figured not enough people would be familiar with the original sample, so it wouldn't be as cool of a comparison. Regardless, give Lumidee's version a listen and do yourself a favor by skipping the first 45 sec of the song to where it gets into the techno. Only thing that makes this almost as cool as the original is the chopped up dance beat after the synthesizer sample...check it...

Lumidee - Insomnia

As a bonus here's an "original" song by Lumidee which also has a Dance vibe to it, but is an interesting mix of Hip Hop, R&B and Euro techno...
Lumidee - Alors On Dance


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