Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Artist Spotlight: Donnis

Very quietly Donnis is doing his part to steal that lead spot from J Cole in this year's running for Freshman of the Year in Hip Hop. Having signed with Atlantic Records, his major label debut is nearing with his Fashionably Late EP coming out simultanously with his Fashionably Late Mixtape dropping on June 22nd.

Why do I speak so highly of Donnis you may be wondering? For one he's got that ATL drawl that fits in well with his storytelling ways and creative ad libs. He mixes an unflappable swagger with a touch of harmony on hooks that take the edge of his energetic flow and in your face lyrics. To this date the track that best exemplifies his style and potential is his new single Gone. He recently shot a video for the track where he shows off his playboy lifestyle in the club, as well as his affinity for rocking hats all sorts of different ways...

Quoteables from the track:
In the middle of the club blowin indo
rolling up a swishers sweet, as fat as Mr Winslow
cause right now only family matters
I came to shout at haters dreams kill they self esteem
don't try to make up now my ni**a this ain't maybelline
My momma asked me is the bragging really necessary
I say no but this sh*t is gonna make me legendary
and I apologize for cussing, but when it come to rap I don't apologize for nothing

Give it a listen...
Donnis - Gone - Produced By Needlz

I really did shortchange that track when I found it last August and completely slept on it for a solid 9 months. What I didn't sleep on was the first track that put his name firmly on my radar titled Over Do It. It's hard not to be somewhat awe inspired of the raw energy he bring to this track. He brings that "take no prisoners" style in his self righteous rhymes, proving that if you want to eventually live it, you have to talk like you're the best. All the greatest do it and have done it from the start of their careers (Jay-Z, T.I., Lil Wayne, Drake etc)
They don't wanna give it to me,
Ok fine I take it,
My momma told me that this life is only what you make it,
So I don't wanna blow no mo
I'ma over blow it
Do the type of shit that get her front row at the Oprah show

The passion is palpable, he's got that gangster edge to his rhymes that blends witty, intelligent, coherent rhymes, which set him apart from the average southern rapper who lacks in lyrical content. Verses and well done, change of pace hooks aside, his draw is the delivery, which is best exhibited on Over Do It.

Donnis - Over Do It
The above tracks qualify as more "street singles" due to the somewhat abrasive, non-contemporary lyrics, which aren't as radio friendly. Enter his new song Tonight, which takes the same energy he brings to all his tracks, but channels it in a more contemporary direction. When I say that I mean he's not n-wording every bar, opting instead to go for more of a "Tonight we're gonna shut the city down" party vibe that fits well with the braggadocios swag.
This is the year that I've been waitin' on,
knew that it was comin'
been readin' my own palm
Now call me Dionnie Warwick,
readin' my own fortune
I'm bout to go corporate"

Look for this track to be his landing point in the pop culture eye as more and more people become familiar and recognize his growing talent and undeniable vigor. Check it...

Donnis - Tonight (Radio Rip)

Gonna be a fun summer sitting back and watching Cole and Donnis compete the way Drake and Cudi did last year for Freshman of the Year. Cole may have more raw talent and conventional ability as a lyricist, but whatever Donnis lacks in traditional measures he more than makes up with energy and swag. Tight race so far, we'll see who continues to get their name and tracks out there this summer....


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