Saturday, May 15, 2010

Stat Quo & Eminem - Classic Shit (prod by Dr. Dre)

This is more of an unreleased track than a new collabo and it's clearly coming out at an opportune time for both artists who are releasing albums in the next month. Statlanta and Eminem's Recovery are both supposed to drop on June 22nd. "Hey let's leak that track we did 5 years ago with Dre to get some momentum for our albums?" is probably the reason behind this and you can tell it's a little dated because Em is still talking about Jadakiss and Fat Joe doing a track together.

History aside, the good doctor did his part in providing a solid beat and while I wouldn't categorize it as anywhere near his best, it's still refreshing to hear a beat from him now and again. The monotonous clap and head nod inducing marching tempo of the beat make the track sound like something Eminem would produce. Has the feel of an unfinished track since it ends abruptly and doesn't really have a hook. Take it for more of a freestyle throw together by a couple of the industry's most revered and don't discount Stat's ability to fit in quite well with the heavyweights he collaborated with on this track....give it a listen...

Eminem Feat. Stat Quo - The Ruler's Back (Classic Shit)


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