Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Duet of the Year? Ester Dean feat Chris Brown - Love Suicide (Prod. By Stargate)

This one has an eerily similar sound to his duet with Jordin Sparks on No Air, which was without question one of the top 3 duets in 2009. Exit Jordin, enter Ester Dean, aka a serious candidate for this year's version of Keri Hilson R&B breakout artist of the year. She's managing to get her hands on a lot of quality material lately, not just as an artist, but also as a producer. Me, I took a liking last month to her guest spot on Chris Brown's Big Things below..

Both Ester and CB's vocals mingle well on this track, with Ester doing her part on the verses before Chris comes in on the hook. Neither artist over-match each other tone wise, which is crucial in concocting an on point power ballad like the one at hand. A wise man once said that falling in love is the slowest and most inhumane way to commit suicide...and Ester seconds that notion, likening the act of breaking someone's heart seem in this instance like a deliberate act of murder against another person's emotion. High stakes analogies, great complimentary vocals and plenty of emotion = the ingredients for a successful ballad.

I'm not tryin' to gas you up by saying this will be regarded as one of the best ballads when it's all said in 2010...watch. With Chris Brown easing his way back into everyone's good graces (despite a recent blip recently where his lyrical subject matter drifted blatantly moving on from Rihanna), tracks like this will hopefully lead to him rounding back into form after an underwhelming effort with Graffiti. As usual, behind the scenes credit to the Norwegian Production duo Stargate, who continue to write and produce their way into more and more quality Pop/R&B tracks.

Proof is in the pudding and this one is gonna gain some traction on the radio...do yourself a favor and put it on repeat for a bit...

Ester Dean Ft. Chris Brown - Love Suicide (Prod. By Stargate)


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