Monday, May 10, 2010

Buzz Track: Ben One feat Twista - Beat it Like a Drum

Another Chicago native creepin' on a come up, Ben One enlisted Chi-town native Twista to bless his single with his pyroclastic flow. For those of you who pay reaaal close attention, Ben One was featured on Na Palm's new track Go Go Girl. He played the backseat on the hook, giving the track a touch of R&B to go with the Go-Go Hip Hop vibe.

In contrast, his track below, Beat it Like a Drum is more of a bouncy, repeatable, radio friendly effort. Favorite line on the track by far is at the 50 sec mark when Ben harmonizes, "Travis Barker on that ass, yea we beat it like a drum". That's good stuff, but not quite as good as Twista on this track. Love it when he takes a slow beat and manages to double time the beat by weaving in and out of each beat hit. That's a good look and a reminder of why his style has yet to be matched by anyone else in Hip Hop history. Think about it, what other rapper can do what Twista does on beats? You can make the Krayzie Bone comparisons or even Tech N9ne...they just don't measure up when you add the talent with the originality.

Solid lead single for the Chicago native though, what do you guys think? Any chance of him makin' some waves in R&B?

Ben One feat Twista - Beat It Like A Drum


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