Monday, May 17, 2010

Slow Jam of the Month: Usher - Stranger (prod by Dumma Boy)

Having had this track for a good three days now and taking it on more than a few laps around the iPod, I've learned to accept it as one of my personal anthems (lyrically). As someone who covets and values an independent woman, I've run into my fair share of treacherous roadblocks along that independent woman path. Call it a double edged sword or wanting your cake and eating it to, nowadays they become a Great White Buffalo more often than a significant other.

Of course I can't explain the predicament as well as Mr Raymond as he paints the picture of a stubborn guy who refuses to give up his personal search for the Holy Grail...the woman he's got his eye on who is Damaged like Danity Kane from a past relationship, making it an uphill battle when it comes to earning trust. Usher puts it best when he says:
Yeah you're independent as hell and
Doin' it by yourself
But what you gon’ do when the night time get cold (when they get cold)
You told me (I know you told me)
You’d rather be lonely (lonely)
You don’t even know me
I ain’t moving out the way from nothin',
I'm stubborn,
Cause you said you'd never give away your heart again
Well I'll be knockin' til you let me in...
Therein lies the uphill battle, trying to convince an already independent woman to trust again after being hurt by one of your kind, with the endgame implying she's willing to confide in you, which goes against the very essence of what makes her self-reliant. Mind boggling when you over-analyze the shit out of it listen to the lyircs, but truth be told, patience is a necessity when attempting to get past the daunting obstacles en route to gaining the highly sought after, rarely given trust that a wounded self sustaining female possesses...patience, luck and a whole lotta faith. "Don't you wish there was a button we could reset and make it eeeeeaaaassayy"...if only life were that eeeeaaaasay.

The crux of why I love music, if you listen to enough of it you'll find some artist or songwriter that can personally relate...making you feel like you're not the only one who has gone down a one way road with no end in sight...with the end result making it easier to sort through the most unpredictable element of life, human emotion. A+ to Usher on the ballad, haven't heard one from him like this since Moving Mountains. Also, shouts out to Drumma Boy who is a great producer and more well known for tracks like Money To Blow by Birdman, Lil Wayne and Drake, as well as Ten Toes Down by Ball & G.

Check it out....
Usher-Stranger (Produced By Drumma Boy)


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