Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Sorry Ladies...I'm Already Taken

Leave it to homeboy Trey and Polow da Don to combine for a heartfelt, "baby I'm done bein' a player" R&B anthem. On first...second...damn even third listen I quickly passed over this track. But it's like any good professional team like the Lakers or even a player Lebron, song produced by Polow da Don are gonna continue to get the benefit of the doubt (listens), from refs and fans alike. While I wouldn't characterize this as a struggle at all, it's far from attention grabbing like some of Polow's other recent beats.

With lyrics like..
"She might be my lover
She makes me want no other
She don't care if I go to
The strip club (cause she want to go to)"
...you can sense the sort of respect being paid to women while only demeaning them...a little bit. I say that because Trey's well known playalistic tendencies don't exactly mesh with the idea of settling down, so when he sings about being "Already Taken", he still manages to keep it real by idealizing the perfect woman as one who would not only encourage, but also participate in a brief rain storm or scattered shower. Rainmaking aside, the song does do an adequate job of paying homage to that special lady that makes all the others before her pale in comparison. No better feelin' in the world than findin' someone who let's you do you and actually likes that sorry ass person you call yoself...haha. Fo real tho ladies, much respect to those of you who hold your man down and wouldn't hesitate to ride out with him regardless of how misguided he may be...

This one goes out to you...oh yea one more thing...."none of these chicks can't f with my baby"

Trey Songz - Already Taken (prod by Polow Da Don) Hot R&B!!!


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