Saturday, May 01, 2010

Drake - Find Your Love (prod by Kanye West)

Below is the second single off Drake's upcoming album Thank Me Later. It's a 180 from his upbeat swagtastic first single Over, this time opting for a lyrically emotional and vulnerable ballad. I say emotionally wide open because as Drake put it, doing this track was a "huge risk" because traditionally these type of lovestruck lyrics come from ballads done by women. Drake explains:
“Find Your Love” is an extremely vulnerable song,” he says. “And it’s actually a huge risk. It almost feels like the song should be performed by a woman. I’m just hoping that men really hear the song and they’re honest with themselves. I know a lot of men feel that way.” - Credit YK2
While I don't think too many guys will get caught up in the lyrics of this track, I can see why he feels a little out in the open about the content. Traditionally Hip Hop is all about confidence and being in control, so creating an honest portrayal of the woman being in control of the situation is rare. Maybe you can chalk it up to women being more culturally empowered because at one point or another as men, we have all chased at least one woman. While we don't want to admit it when it we lost the chase and refuse to get all sensitive and self loathing about it (usually), a track like this will either alienate Drake for his sensitive lyrics or it may inspire others to keep it 100 and encourage artists to open up more, regardless of how vulnerable they come off on a song. Seems to be a new trend with artists like Cudi, Drake and B.O.B. holding nothing back in their tracks, leaving their insecurities be exposed through their songs. I can appreciate artists pushing the envelope and being unafraid to create emotionally accessible songs, so I see what he's trying to do as progress rather than regarding him as a bitch soft or too emotional.

The song to me is sorta average though. You can immediately tell it's a Kanye track from the jump off when that kick hits with the 808 bass. Sure a lot of his instrumentals sound the same, but he's got a great formula that represents his own sound, so it's like complaining about eating your favorite meal all the time. It's your favorite for a reason and it means that no matter how much you hear it, it'll be your favorite. I like that it will provide a little R&B contrast to his album and exhibit the versatility that tracks like Shut it Down will do on Thank Me Later.

What do you think? I'd say more than 50% of the people who listen to it will dislike it on first listen and learn to like it over time. I'm cynical it will grow on me, but I for one expected a little more. I was being dead serious when I said Drake will be hard pressed to create an album as good front to back as B.O.B. just did. This track didn't change my mind on that statement...

Check it out...

Drake - Find Your Love (prod by Kanye West) New Single!!!


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