Saturday, May 22, 2010

Drake feat Jhene Aiko - July (prod by Bei Maejor)

Gotta love the 17 year old High School photos. Below is the full 8+ min segment of MTV's When I Was 17 featuring Drake Aubrey Graham...

Interesting to see how far he's come from relative obscurity, then to acting, to completely blowing up the Hip Hop scene. While it's easy to understand why true Hip Hop fans are getting mad at him of late because "he's singing too much", they clearly pressed the next button on So Far Gone if that's the case.

Being hyped to a point of ridiculousness has its pitfalls as it comes with unrealistic hopes and expectations that are an absolute bitch. Seems like everyone believes Thank Me Later is going to be "perfect" like his last mixtape and all the songs are going to be exactly what they were hoping for. Me, I have just as high of expectations, but I feel like at least he at least has a chance to live up to my expectations because I like both his R&B tracks and his Hip Hop tracks. When he combines both seamlessly, it's hard to argue that he's not as his best.

The track below will not be on Thank Me Later, but it is a nice ballad featuring Jhene Aiko and production by one of my favorite new and unheralded producers/artists Bei Maejor. Two great verses from Drake map out the ups and downs of a potential love in the making. With the first verse opening..
uhh, this verse starts as my snipers hit their marks
and ya guards fall down from a rifle to the heart

like clap clap, let em fall slow
I know you had you fears you can let them all go
and most women are motivated so I act accordingly
but this is so refreshing that it means a little more to me
dedicating time when I really can’t afford to be
I provide protection if you open up the door for me
Between the lullaby sounding piano vibe to Jhene's vocals on the hook, it's got the makings of a well put together track. Ends up being a pretty sad track with all the talk of rain in July, which isn't supposed to happen...just like summer love isn't supposed to end I'd imagine. Eloquence is the word used to describe the end of Drake's second verse...
I was planning on being something worth mentioning
energy invested in someone I saw potential in
who killed Chivalry they need to get their sentencing
meanwhile we argue and I can’t get a sentence in

and just as I predicted here we go again
they always say the hottest love has the coldest end
Most Drake fans will hate, but I say thumbs up because I can appreciate other tracks like this he's done like A Night Off and especially Sooner Than Later.

Keep an open mind and give it a listen if you're in the mood for some well sad and well written R&B...
Drake feat Jhene -July (prod by Bei Maejor)


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