Monday, September 04, 2017

"It All Started with a Broken Heart"

I'll admit, the first time I was introduced to Rozes via The Chainsmokers, I wasn't sold. The song Rozes was solid, but far from my favorite release from Alex and Drew. Then Rozes dropped Matches with Cash Cash and I started to come around a bit to her quietly melodic style. That "you were made of matches and it burned me to the ground" hook had me singing along every time I listened.

This week my opinion of Rozes came full circle with her effort on Galantis's Girls on Boys. Her piano led vocal lead-in had me convinced Galantis had gone full folk for a minute. Then came the bouncy bass, tropical vibes, and a clap-heavy beat with plenty of bounce. If you read between the lines, there's plenty of sexual tension bubbling beneath the surface on the lyrics. It's a fun track that will take you through the entire gamut of tempos. Overall a stellar collabo that will be a welcome addition to Galantis's upcoming Dance album due out on Sept 15th...#GirlsOnBoys

Galantis feat Rozes - Girls on Boys


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