Sunday, September 10, 2017

Sam Smith is a Pro at Goodbyes

Even though I'm a die-hard EDM and Hip Hop-head, I'm a sucker for a good vocalist. On the absolute top of that list sits Sam Smith. Having seen him perform in concert a hand full of times, I'd encourage anyone who hasn't seen him to add it as a bucket list item. For an unassuming Brit, his vocals range and dramatic delivery are legendary.

His new single, Too Good at Goodbyes, falls on the somber side of what he's capable of producing. It's the first single he's put out since 2015, but it affords the perfect opportunity for new fans to hop on board the bandwagon. Over a soft piano beat, he reaches deep on the personal emotion and shows off his vocal prowess on the pre-chorus. The gospel-style background vocals provide enough support on the hook to keep things interesting. Check it out on iTunes or Spotify if you feel as compelled to take it for a few spins like I did...#TooGoodAtGoodbyes

Sam Smith - Too Good at Goodbyes


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