Saturday, September 16, 2017

Jamie xx Breathes Life Into The xx's On Hold

I'll be the first to admit, Jamie xx was the sole reason I started listening to The xx's music. His vibrant house style is consistently packed with energy, which is why it isn't a big surprise that so many well-known artists and producers like Drake, Gil Scott Heron, and 40 have sought him out for collaboration.
What's best about his style is that it finds a way to compliment the music he helps make with The xx, yet it sounds completely different when he goes solo. Take for example his new remix of The xx's single from earlier this year, On Hold. The original is a quiet, Indie-pop track that succeeds in large part because of Romy and Oliver's vocals. The On Hold Remix on the other hand features a slow building house beat that takes around a minute and a half to gain a full head of steam. The resulting beat showcases one of the more bubbly, upbeat synth progressions I've heard in a while. It sounds like space techno if that was a thing. Whatever the case, it's a much more interesting track with the added tempo. The only vocals on the remix are from the Hall & Oates sample, which give it a whole new lease on life. If anything this made me appreciate Jamie's talents even more, confirming that he's the root of my fandom for all that is The xx...#OnHold

The xx - On Hold (Jamie xx Remix)


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