Friday, September 08, 2017

Videos of the Week September 8th

This week's top five was dominated by Odesza, which is no surprise considering their new A Moment Apart album just dropped today. With the album release this week came an album trailer and an unplugged in-studio performance of their music at a local Seattle affiliate KEXP. My goodness...if you don't get goosebumps listening to their unplugged version of Line of Sight around the 27:30 mark, then please stop reading. I haven't even done a full lap around the album and I'm already convinced it's somehow managing to be on par with their last incredible album.

If I were to pretend to forget about Odesza for a minute, I'd encourage you to check out the dope new Adidas and Von Miller co-signed effort from YG and Mike Will. Appropriately titled Heart of a Lion, the mix of studio cuts and weightlifting clips made for an impactful watch. Then there was the obligatory NPR Tiny Desk cameo of the week from Jidenna. Still seared into my memory from Moonlight was the scene of him rollin' in his candy colored lac bumping the screwed and chopped version of the track. The Tiny Desk version isn't quite a hard, but it gave a little more insight into the vocal abilities of Jidenna. And last, but never least, U2 came through with a decidedly anti-Trump rendition of Bullet in the Blue Sky on Fallon. It's not a huge surprise considering how openly political U2 and Bono are, but man they didn't mince words. If you're in need for an invigorating boost of rebellion, definitely give that one a watch...#BulletInTheBlueSky

YG and Mike Will Made-It Heart of a Lion Video for Von Miller's Adidas Commercial

Odesza Performing Music From a Moment Apart on KEXP

Video Teaser of Odesza's New A Moment Apart Album

Jidenna Performs Classic Man on NPR Tiny Desk

U2 Performs Bullet in the Blue Sky on Fallon

Photo Credit: YouTube


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