Monday, September 18, 2017

"Valet's on Me, Like Some Molly on Tamales"

Might as well hit the gas and go 0 to 100 on this glorious Monday. It should be no surprise that Krewella is at the center of the new heater with Yellow Claw below, but I am a bit taken aback by the Hip Hop vibe of the track. Given Yellow Claw's influence, New World is probably closer to Trap than Hip Hop, but the oriental percussion is what I'll remember most about the track. Sure, the spitfire bars from Yasmine and Taylor Bennett are also noteworthy, but you can't beat the rowdy bass and clangy samples. Follow me on over to Spotify to add this one to the latest party starter mix...#NewWorld

Krewella & Yellow Claw feat Taylor Bennett - New World (prod by Yellow Claw)


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