Friday, September 29, 2017

Videos of the Week September 29th

This week's top five was interesting in that the most noteworthy music came from late night performances. Led by Chance the Rapper who debuted a powerful new track on Colbert, late night wasn't just a source of comedy this week. Let's just say Chance had a lot on his mind and his stream of consciousness-style song was chalked full of reflection. The hook of "first world problems that people make up, have a dream and then never wake up" stuck with me and his poetic delivery was impactful. Can't wait for the finished version of the track after seeing the song debuted live. Speaking of finished tracks, Tyler, the Creator's performance on Fallon was for an album based track, but it showed a much more polished artist than I'm used to seeing. Over the years my perception of Tyler was more akin to Insane Clown Posse than Wiz Khalifa. But after seeing his more thoughtful side come across performing See You Again with Kali Uchis, I'm willing to rethink my perception of him and give Flower Boy a more dedicated listen.

Outside of late night, the internet was collectively still smitten over Kygo's new five song Stargazing EP. Would you be surprised if I told you the video was less about viewing stars and more about a kid trying to fulfill a dream of building a rocket that could launch into space? Pretty cool story, but also very sad and I won't ruin why that's the case. If you're in need of a quick laugh, the trailer for South Park's The Fractured, But Whole video game should do the trick. If you watched the Kanye gay fish episode, you'll better understand the gist of the game. Outlandish doesn't even scratch the surface on that one. And of course last, but never the worst, is the Blue Planet II: The Prequel trailer. I'm a big nature and subsequently, Blue Planet fan, so seeing that Radiohead and Hans Zimmer got together to add audio to the trailer was icing on the cake. God bless what cameras are able to capture nowadays. Never have we as humans been able to get so up close and personal with forms of life we'd never get the chance to experience if it weren't for documentaries like the one BBC puts together...#BluePlanetII

Chance the Rapper Debuts New Reggae Track on Colbert

Tyler, The Creator & Kali Uchis Perform See You Again on Fallon

Kygo feat Justin Jesso - Stargazing (Video)

South Park: Fractured, But Whole (Game Trailer)

Blue Planet II: The Prequel by Radiohead & Hans Zimmer (Trailer)

Photo Credit: BBC


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