Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Flux Pavilion Goes Hip Hop with Two-9 on Stain

When I need a rowdy, bass heavy, crowd pleaser, Flux Pavilion is on a short list of artists I lean on. To this day, I'm still baffled his remix of Faithless's We Come One hasn't gotten an official release. Official release or not, that mix is on the Mount Everest of bouncy EDM tracks.

Late last week Flux continued his bouncy crusade on more of a Hip Hop tip on Stain. With the help of some fire verses from Two-9, his new one walks a tight rope between rowdy Hip Hop and Trap. The jagged, aggro synth progression post-drop fits with what I'd expect from Flux, but without that you'd be hard pressed convincing me this one has anything to do with EDM. If your Tuesday is in need of some audio smelling salts, this one should do the trick...#Stain

Flux Pavilion feat Two-9 - Stain


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