Wednesday, September 13, 2017

"Everybody Prays to God by Different Names"

At this point, you're certifiably insane if you haven't given Odesza's new A Moment Apart album a listen. To hammer home that point, I'm posting what seems like the 15th single worth track from the album. Divide strikes a chord with me in so many ways. Kelsey Bulkin's quiet, but composed vocals fit so well over Odesza's chill instrumental style. And you better believe they brought that with a slow burning beat equipped with all the ethereal samples and bird sounding synths you could imagine. It's one big harmonious, dreamy track that finds a way to stand out among a stacked track list. In case you missed it last week, their new album trailer is below, along with the obligatory iTunes and Spotify links...#AMomentApart

Odesza feat Kelsey Bulkin - Divide


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