Friday, March 31, 2017

Videos of the Week March 31st

Well, after a few weeks of non-stop music video, this week we got a large dose of variety. Random doesn't even begin to explain this week's top five. Starting with the office supplies version of Fallon, The Roots crew, and Migos performing Bad & Boujee, it was far from ordinary. Continuing that trend was Danny Brown's new Jonah Hill directed video for Ain't It Funny. Think 80s sitcom visual aesthetic with all the craziness you could imagine from two of the most out there minds in entertainment. As a final bit of randomness, there's Kelvin the Deer Whisperer who visited a zoo and introduced us to a bunch of animals he enjoys. In case you missed it, Kelvin has a special relationship with animals, so you can imagine why people would film him visiting a zoo.

Moving on from the random to the salacious with Iggy Azalea's video for Mo' Bounce. Let's just say, lot's of twerking and a whole lotta a$$. And serving as the icing on the cake for this week's visual collage was a formal introduction to Stormzy. You may have heard him on Ed Sheeran's latest remix of Shape of You, but he's a much more dynamic talent than you may have thought. Go ahead and fast forward to the eleven minute mark to hear his cover of Frank Ocean's Godspeed and you'll start buying tickets to jump on the bandwagon...#Stormzy

Fallon and Crew Play Bad & Boujee With Office Supplies

Danny Brown - Ain't It Funny? (Video) (Directed by Jonah Hill)

Life Lessons From Animals Brought To You By Kelvin the Deer Whisperer

Iggy Azalea - Mo' Bounce (Video)

A Formal Introduction to Stormzy via BBC 1

Photo Credit - YouTube


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