Thursday, September 29, 2016

"We've Fallen Apart, Still We're All Together"

Out of curiosity I went back to check when The Chainsmokers made their debut on this little-engine-that-could internet music destination. What I found was a remix to Say Lou Lou's song Julian back on May 25, 2013. Looking back, it's crazy to think that I was once *hopeful* they would be able to rise to success by making their own music rather than remixing other artists' tracks. There was something about how they were able to grab these "outlier" tracks that not many people had heard of and transform them into these stellar remixes. Having been a designer for years, I fully understand what kind of skill it takes to reinterpret someone else's work, yet make it your own by adding a unique twist that makes it work for whatever problem you're solving.

In my eyes, the problem they were solving all along was making EDM more accessible to people who traditionally enjoy vocal driven pop music. I know that's a bit of a broad generalization because they've made their fair share of uptempo party tracks, but now that they've gained a following, they're hitting the gas pedal by collaborating with artists they've always wanted to team up with to make the music they've always wanted to make. People who recently jumped on their bandwagon might be scratching their heads wondering why Alex and Drew are switching up their style. What they were doing was already working well, so what's up with their previous single (Closer) and their new one with Phoebe Ryan titled All We Know. If I were offering up advice to those new fans, I'd say go back and check out all the great vocalists that you may not have heard of that they've worked with or remixed. They consistently collaborate with great talent and could care less if you've heard of them because they know once you hear them over their production, it's going to be amazing. The fact that they're now starting to flex their writing/storytelling muscles and chip in original vocals speaks to the comfort level they're reaching as the duo who is defining pop music.

I don't need to tell you how awesome their new single is because you'll know it when you listen to it. The folk/acoustic vibe blends perfectly with the nostalgic storytelling adventure that Drew and Phoebe hold your hand through. It's one of those tracks whose lyrics are universally relatable, celebrating that one special bond we all share with someone that has survived the best and worst of times. All We Know is yet another continuation of the unstoppable amount of momentum that The Chainsmokers have right now. And we haven't even gotten to hear their collaboration with Chris Martin of Coldplay yet...#AllWeKnow

The Chainsmokers feat Phoebe Ryan - All We Know


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