Monday, September 05, 2016

"Baby, Don't Let it Fade Away"

When someone nails a chill House playlist, it has the potential to make or break a party. Seeing that it's Labor Day, you're probably out grilling with your closest friends or family. If that's the case, give Simon Field & MAYE's new one a listen on Soundcloud. Fade drifts between Chill House and Deep House with a slow vocal sample and soft piano that mixes with soothing synths throughout. If I were to summarize the vibe, it's the opposite of distracting. It's one of those tracks that blends with the ambiance in a way that you probably wouldn't notice it unless it was turned off, which would immediately make it seem like there's something missing. This will be one of many tracks I'll be listening to while preparing food tonight.

As a side note, if this is your cup of tea, head on over to hypem to give it some love. If it isn't your cup of tea, give head on over to Spotify to give MAYE's Backyard Cool playlist a spin. Every good plan has a solid backup plan, so feel free and deploy at your own discretion...#Fade

Simon Field & MAYE - Fade


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