Sunday, September 25, 2016

"Oh Baby, Don't Call Me, Don't Call Me No Mo'"

Admittedly, I've been down on Hip Hop for a while now. For about a decade, the genre was lit, evolving daily and fueled by rampant creativity and one-upping. For about the past five years Hip Hop has more or less coasted without getting that much needed re-up. During that time EDM stole the flame and has enjoyed a similar one-upping from countless artists, which has resulted in the genre being pushed and pulled a million different ways.

Lately, it feels like Hip Hop is starting to branch out more with artists like Anderson .Paak and GoldLink being more live instrumentation and jazzy sounds back into the fold. I've posted countless Anderson .Paak tracks, but nipping at his heels is his fellow freshman. There's a unique, formulaic diction that GoldLink brings to the mic that is just plain different. I dig, but more so because anytime he gets on the mic I immediately know its him. Like for example his new one Rough Soul featuring the vocals of April George. It's more smooth than attention grabbing, but that seems to be the MO of these new jazzy Hip Hop tracks. If you dig the track, go ahead and cop it free joining GoldLink's mailing list...#RoughSoul

GoldLink feat April George - Rough Soul (prod by Kintaro)


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