Tuesday, September 06, 2016

"Timmy Timmy Timmy Turner He Been Wishin' For a Burner"

Over the past decade, XXL has done a pretty stellar job at showcasing who is next in Hip Hop. For reference check their list of the top freshman (breakout artists) in Hip Hop since 2007 (via Wikipedia) and you'll understand what I mean...
One thing is for sure, they were only getting started in 2007 with names like Crooked I and Lupe Fiasco.

Fast forwarding to present day and their latest crop of 2016 freshman and one name in particular is beginning to stand out. By now you know about Anderson .Paak and Lil Dicky, but despite the Kanye co-sign you may have written off Desiigner as a one hit wonder with his breakout hit Panda. For me, the track was interesting in a lot of ways because of how grimy it sounded, but I wasn't convinced yet. This week, that sentiment changed a bit when I listened to his freestyle turned full track, turned remix with Kanye called Timmy Turner. The unexpected harmony from a rapper that I had written off as nothing special is where it all changed from me. It's really hard to understand what he's saying, it sounds like straight gibberish. Yet, it's so well executed that you feel like you have to sing along with your own made up words. All I know is you need to see his 45 second version of the freestyle, then listen to Kanye's verse on the track to get a full appreciation for it. Respect Desiigner, I get it now...#TimmyTurner

Desiigner feat Kanye West - Timmy Turner (Remix) (prod by Mike Dean)


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