Thursday, September 08, 2016

Knife Party and Tom Morello Step It Up on Battle Sirens

There's kicking ass and then there's this. I'll put it this way, if you wanted to write the book on Tom Morello's career, you should probably hold up for a few minutes as he continues his branching out into every conceivable genre of music. Recently, he's been putting in work with Hip Hop/Rock super group Prophets of Rage and now he's moved onto making music with Knife Party out of all groups. In hindsight, the collaboration isn't a huge surprise given how deep into rock music the Knife Party guys were with Pendulum, but hearing a sick drop after a Tom Morello lead guitar build up is next level.

When you're listening to Battle Sirens, it'll sound like it's 100% alt rock at first. Then, around the minute and a half mark, you'll get that Knife Party kick in the pants drop. It's rawkus, it's tumbling, it's heavy, it's what we all like most about what the duo brings to the table. I can't over-sell the amount of novelty I felt when listening to the track. Whoever made this track possible, thank you very much, we're all benefitting greatly from it's existence...#BattleSirens


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