Saturday, September 17, 2016

"You're Like a Part of Me, That Only I Can See"

Man, is it me or did it start raining top notch EDM single near the end of the week? During that rainstorm of synths, you may have gotten wet by a fresh new one from Dillon Francis and Will Heard. Anywhere is about a poppy as you're going to hear from Dillon and that's in large part due to Will's stellar vocals. Gently funky and melodic is the best I can come up with when describing the track as I listen to it right now. The mix of bubbly rhythms and repeatable vocals are why you'll be humming along to yourself long after the track ends. Do yourself a favor and add this guy to whatever new Spotify playlist you're rocking of late as you look forward to reaping the benefits over the next few weeks...#Anywhere
Dillon Francis feat Will Heard - Anywhere


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