Wednesday, September 28, 2016

"Driftin', I'm Driftin' My Way Back Home"

Time for a trip off the beaten path to highlight a stellar blues collaboration between GRiZ and Son Little. As a quick caveat, you're not getting the uptempo, electronic version of GRiZ that you've grown to love tonight. Instead, you're getting mellow guitar, quiet horns, and soulful vocals. While the EDM fans may regard this as a filler track, I see it as more of a standout on his recent Good Will Prevail album. The fact that GRiZ was able to pack so many different tempos and styles into one album is definitely worth noting. I've already posted his previous singles Gotta Push On, Can't Hold Me Down, and Before I Go. If you still need more incentive to give his full album a listen, you're nuts...#GoodWillPrevail

GRiZ feat Son Little - Drifting


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