Wednesday, September 14, 2016

"Violence Only Creates Confusion, It Ain't a Problem Solver"

Hopefully you know Stephen's name by now through tuning into the GWDJ blog over the past year, but in case you haven't here's another reason. You remember Stephen's single from late last year titled Crossfire? Pretty dope track, right? Well, I must not have been the only one who got stoked about it because Hip Hop legend Talib Kweli and remix extraordinaire KillaGraham flipped a remixed/part II version this week. While Crossfire II is being dubbed as a continuation of the original version, Stephen's vocals carry on a similar vibe from the original. However, the new version is much more Hip Hop, adding a bouncy beat to the original instrumentations. There aren't many examples of Hip Hop being tastefully blended with real instruments, so I'm comfortable calling this one a diamond in the rough. Check the newly minted video for Part II below...

If you're as intrigued as I am when I first heard the type of music Stephen is capable of producing, give a listen to his latest album, Sincerely, while you're at it. Oh and if you're into leasing, rather than buying follow me in adding it to your latest Spotify playlist...#Crossfire

Stephen feat Talib Kweli & KillaGraham - Crossfire II


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