Saturday, May 25, 2013

Julian Gets The Chainsmokers Treatment

It seems like there is an underlying secret relationship that electronic DJs are developing with Indie artists. I'm not talking a Facebook official type of relationship, it's more like electronic music calling Indie music when it needs a piece type of relationship. If I were to over-generalize it, I'd say that Indie music brings an element of unique and unabashed creativity, while electronic music brings energy mainstream radio appeal. It's a symbiotic relationship that usually works out because both sides serve to benefit from each others' strengths. Quick disclaimer - that's not to say that both genres can't find their way onto the radio by themselves or that either genre is more creative than the other, in a nutshell they just work well together like nutella and banana.

Supporting what I just said above, the The Chainsmokers just took a really unique, melodic and slightly haunting Indie track by the Swedish/Australian duo Say Lou Lou and took it to another level. Before you give the remix a listen, check out the original video for Julian below...

After listening to the original, I was left with the same feeling that I get when I listen to Lana Del Rey. There's something mystic and soothing about their vocals that makes it difficult to turn away. Still, after hearing the NYC duo's progressive house remix of the original, it's easy to understand why Indie music can benefit from a BPM spike. The best part about it, all they require is a like to their Facebook page to cop the track. You'll realize that after you listen below...#TeamYogaPants

Say Lou Lou - Julian (The Chainsmokers Remix)


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