Saturday, September 24, 2016

"Cause Baby I'd Kill for You"

It literally doesn't get any better than when Eminem and Skylar Grey collaborate. Whether it's I Need a Doctor, C'Mon Let Me Ride, Twisted or Skylar writing Eminem's hit Love the Way You Lie, there's a long history of great work they've done together. Their newest addition to that list, Kill For You, is an accurate portrayal of both their dark sides. There's an undercurrent of devotion, anger, and violence that bleeds through the lyrics, creating a powerful tone for the track. Sure, the gun shots mixed in at the beginning and end provide the dramatic flair, but it's a rare instance where the over-the-top sound effects actually fit the drama of the track. The best news out of all this is that Skylar has a new album coming out tomorrow. If Natural Causes is even half as good as the performance she put on at the Regency Ballroom on Friday, it's going to quickly become one of my favorite albums...#NaturalCauses


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