Sunday, September 18, 2016

"Why Wait, To Say, At Least I Did it My Way"

In a crowded genre of DJs and producers, Calvin Harris always seems to rise above them the rest by consistency churning out great music. Sure, he's a bit of a unique case because of his ability to chip in vocals on his tracks, but the clean and triumphant style of his music is hard to ignore. I'll put it this way, he's able to maintain his trend setting, pop defining status by never releasing a disappointing single.

Speaking of which, here comes My Way. It travels down the usual path that you'd expect for a Calvin track, but there's clearly nothing wrong with that at this point. The vocals are easy to latch onto and it has that echoing, Coldplay likeability. The gradual build up of tempo and gentle drop eliminate any friction from the listening experience. It's pop, but as someone who plays/shares a lot of music with people, you need tracks like this that have a high floor to be the bridge between other tracks that might be less known. Call a spade a spade, it's a solid single...#MyWay

Calvin Harris - My Way


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