Tuesday, September 13, 2016

"You Just Don't Know How Beautiful You Are"

Is it me or has Mac Miller significantly evolved his music? This whole live band, funky routine he's been sticking with of late is a good look! Between his previous single with Anderson .Paak (Dang!) and his new one below, he's providing all the motivation necessary to check out his new album, The Devine Feminine. Sure, it helps that the apple of his eye is now chipping in stellar vocals, making his music that much more interesting, but Mac has always been able to spit. Maybe his style just needed a little time in the wine cellar to appreciate over time. Whatever the case, I'm picking up what he's putting down in a big way.

Oh and in case you're into celeb gossip and such, it would appear Mac and Ariana's friendship has organically morphed into something much more. Aren't they just adorable?...#TheDevineFeminine


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Mac Miller feat Ariana Grande - My Favorite Part


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