Monday, September 12, 2016

"I'm Under the Influence, Don't Trust Every Word I Say"

Last week I touched on how many artists The Chainsmokers have introduced me to and how it's the gift that keeps on giving. Well, that gift gave again with Tove Lo's new single Influence featuring Wiz Khalifa. You might remember Alex and Drew remixing Tove Lo's Habits back in early 2014 and me gushing about it when I heard the track. Since then, I've continued to keep tabs on the young vocalist and she's rewarded me by continuing to put out noteworthy singles.

When it comes to her latest single, it's all about that smooth rolling bass line. It's a mellow track, but the bubbly bass line makes it downright grown and sexy. Sure, the sultry vocals help too, but the quiet percussion creates an chill house vibe that's dope. Ironically, Wiz decided to go 100 mph on his verse, which goes against his usual flow and the vibe of the track. It's a strange and stark difference from what I expected, but if attention grabbing was the goal, it succeeded. You know the drill, iTunes or Spotify if you want to add it to your collection or feel free to wait patiently for Tove Lo's upcoming Lady Wood album out in late October...#LadyWood
Tove Lo feat Wiz Khalifa - Influence


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