Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Baauer Always Knows When a Track is Ready for Release

Tracks like the Baauer's new one below with CZ reminds me that I'm not quite ready to be "old" yet. When I say old, I mean that "turn it down it's too loud" or "that's the music the kids are listening to" types of sentiments we've all heard from our parents. Nope, I'm not there yet because I'm still very entertained by rowdy, experimental Trap tracks like 'How Can You Tell When It's Done?'. I gotta be honest, I don't quite get the song title, but that's not preventing me from appreciating it's rugged likability. It's equal parts horror music and intense high speed chase music. It'll get your adrenaline pumping with the rigid synths and heavy bass. It's exactly what every Tuesday needs, a shot of energy to help you get through the week. I hope it provides you with the same type of audio energy that it did to me on this nondescript mid-September night...#HowCanYouTellWhenItsDone

Baauer x CZ - 'How Can You Tell When It's Done?'


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