Tuesday, January 07, 2014

"Gotta Stay High All the Time to Get You Off My Mind"

Now that the new year has arrived, people seem to be keen on making positive changes. Rather than trying to fix what might seem broken with resolutions, let's focus today on something that was going right in 2013 and is now continuing to be right in 2014. That "something" just so happens to be The Chainsmokers' penchant for introducing me to talented, up and coming artists. Today, I learned and gained an appreciation for Tove Lo, a Swedish vocalist with an ever so sultry voice. Much of her notoriety so far in the US has come from her single Habits, which I now present to you below...

The lyrics are fraught with emotion, telling an engaging story about the trials and tribulation of love. Without question her hook does what it's supposed to do being memorable and it coerces you to sing along. 1 million plays on Spotify isn't a bad start. Frankly, I hope it continues to gain traction because it's a catchy track.

Yet, after listening to The Chainsmokers' version, I'm left feeling like the track needed tempo all along in order to go to that next level. On their Soundcloud page, I don't think they could have described their effort better when they said,
"... we are looking to close the gap between this big kick room house with the huge spacey middle and really melodic full progressive sound and combine it with our love for Indie emotion."
Really melodic progressive house...check. Not ruining the Indie vibe of tracks...check. Oh and that "huge spacey middle" is an oil field of great music that they are beginning to tap into. For starters, I can't wait for #Selfie 2.0 to come out, but beyond that, knowing The Chainsmokers are focusing in on a sound that I really enjoy is something that deserves much more than just mediocre excitement...#Habits

The Chainsmokers x Tove Love - Habits


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