Sunday, December 06, 2015

"It's the Thought of You That's Drivin' Me...."

Majid Jordan is without a doubt my favorite OVO Sound artist. The duo has a knack for crafting funky R&B marked by their smooth, falsetto flow. Their newest single is one of my favorites of theirs, reminding me a lot of their previous single Forever. Both have a rolling bass line that forces you to nod you head along to the beat. There's much more of an emphasis on the vocals on Something About You, so if you're looking for something to sing along with, you're more likely to like this one. For reference, their new self-titled 12 song debut full length album is due out in early February. Feel free and cop the pre-order if you're a fan of their first two singles off the album...#MajidJordan

Majid Jordan – Something About You


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